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Cyber Insurance

Most companies today rely on computer systems for running some aspect of their business, whether it’s office applications, payroll, email or storage of customer data. The more reliant we are on modern technology the more damage we face when things go wrong. With cyber attacks on the rise in the UK, and laws on breach notification set to change over the coming years, the need for Cyber Liability Insurance has never been higher.

It’s a common misconception that only large companies or those who take online payments are at risk of attack, this is simply not true. Whatever your size, your business could be vunerable to a data breach or loss of vital business services if;

  • You hold any customer detail such as name, address or bank details.
  • You have a website.
  • You rely on computer systems to conduct your business.

Here at Leagold Miller we can undertake a full risk assessment of your IT arrangements and a review of your current arrangements. Cyber Liability Insurance from Leagold will help you manage and control the impact of a cyber breach and get you back to work as soon as possible.

Covers Available

  • Loss of customer data and the consequential loss and fines that may arise from this.
  • Your IT systems if damaged, as well as resultant damage to reputation and potential loss of profits associated with a cyber breach.
  • The costs of defending a claim against you arising from your use of the internet, email, intranet, extranet or your website.
  • Theft cover.
  • Worldwide cover for portable equipment.
  • Reinstatement of data.
  • Increased cost of working.
  • Privacy Protection – the costs of defending a claim against you or fines arising from failure to keep a customer’s personal data secure.
  • Multimedia Cover – protection if you mistakenly infringe someone else’s copywright or inadvertently libel a third party in an electronic communication.
  • Telephone hacking – the costs of unauthorised telephone calls made by a hacker following a breach.

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